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Hello, folks!

I finished the book! I can’t wait to tell all of you about it, but first, I want to make sure my publisher is okay with it. I liked how it turned out in the end, but writing it was crazy-making! That happens sometimes.

I love this time of year, don’t you? The weather isn’t blazing hot yet, so I can sit on my deck to work, and everything’s green. We’ve been seeing a lot of wildlife in our suburban neighborhood—rabbits, deer (they were walking down the paved road in front of our house in broad daylight!), and birds (of course). That’s not counting the ever-present squirrels. Supposedly, we have coyotes now, but I haven’t seen them, thank goodness.

Anyway, I hope all your wildlife are friendly, your pets are safe, and you have some time to read!

Start a Series this Summer!

Whether you binge-read at the beach, page-turn poolside, or listen to audiobooks in your favorite air-conditioned room, there’s a series to satisfy all reading tastes this summer. Maybe this quick guide will help you choose. You can also check out my musical book inspirations for many of the books listed here to get some song ideas for your own summer playlist.

For those who love books featuring sister heroines, entrepreneurial leading ladies, and plenty of ballroom action, try Designing Debutantes!

Designing Debutantes

If you’ve never met a Duke you didn’t love, waltz right over to the Duke Dynasty series page.

Duke Dynasty

Maybe you prefer a cheeky tale about siblings gone wild and a grandmother who has promised to cut them all off should they fail to marry… You want the Hellions of Halstead Hall!

Hellions of Halstead HallHellions of Halstead Hall

Still not sure what to read?

  • If you fancy an aquatic adventure with swashbuckling pirates, you need The Lord trilogy.
  • This one’s for educators who love school but desperately need an escape into a romantic historical world like Mrs. Harris’s School for Young Ladies that caters to heiresses – discreetly— in The School for Heiresses.
  • If you like to see the good intentions of gentlemen go awry as they meddle (lovingly) in the love lives of their unattached sisters and wards, you’ll enjoy The Sinful Suitors.
  • Readers who like a little intrigue with their romance will fall for The Duke’s Men.
  • If the history of Prinny and his antics throughout the Regency interest you, try The Royal Brotherhood, about the fictional by-blows of the Prince Regent.
  • This series doesn’t get as much recognition as the others, but those who know it, love it completely. Condemned to spinsterhood by circumstances and bad luck, The Swanlea Spinsters will most assuredly charm you with their journeys to happily ever after.
  • Looking for something completely different, including time and place? Try my duo of Reworked Wales books set during the tumultuous late Georgian era in Wales. Or take it back even further to the Restoration era of Charles II in my Reworked Restoration books.

Regency Tidbit

Regency Tidbit graphic

Speaking of living things in the wild, one of Rafe’s favorite dishes is mussel and onion stew. Just so you know, I’m not fond of mussels myself (I prefer clams, oysters, and crabs), but this recipe does sound good. A creamy seafood soup? Yum! The recipe is from my new favorite food site: The dish originated in “the West country” and that’s where I had Rafe grow up, so I figured that fit. Anyway, if you visit the site, you can find all sorts of recipes for English dishes and can even search the site by county. I could spend days on there, I swear!


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For even more great giveaways, check out the contest page on my website!

Congratulations to Teresa W. from Ida, MI, for winning May’s giveaway of two autographed “Duke” romances—Undercover Duke and Who Wants to Marry a Duke.


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