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I wrote the following romantic mystery while with my late husband in Mexico aboard our 47 ft Hylas sail. Most of the town is clustered around the harbor where working marinas like Baja Naval still service American boaters.

photo on sailboat

I found this sleepy little town of Ensenada to be fascinating, full of endless stories, with a culture that was, and still is, struggling to gain a foothold in the twenty-first century. I based it on a local news story, which at the time was staggering in its brutality. This story is no longer unique as the Mexican cartels daily murder with impunity. But, just as the cartels are not all that is Mexico, this story isn't all about them, it's about what happens when you try to run away from your problems, or as Yogi Berra would say, "No matter where you go, there you are." A DANGEROUS HARBOR is Book #1 of a trilogy. Book #2 HURRICANE HOLE continues with the two sisters, and Book #3 is a work in progress, and will be available late 2023.

cover: A Dangerous Harbor

A Dangerous Harbor
by RP Dahlke
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"I strongly recommend “A Dangerous Harbor.” By the time I finished the book, my wanderlust was in full throttle. I was drawn to the sense of adventure and I admired the strong female lead. Best of all, the ending, which I won’t give away, was extremely satisfying. Five Stars out of Five." --Lynn Farris, mystery reviewer for Examiner gave her much coveted 5 star review

A lovely American detective's idyllic sail to Mexico ends when she comes face to face with her unfortunate past. But what is unfortunate for Detective Katy Hunter is just the ticket a handsome Latin investigator needs to solve a murder involving a rich, and cartel connected, American yachtsman.

The couple's growing attraction wouldn't be so bad, if only they can bring a vicious killer to justice before they become the next victims.

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Operation No Sanctuary by James Moushon
Short Story
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Stone is a CIA agent who works domestically. He's assigned to the CLASSIFIED CIA DOT Division. His ops involve terrorism and espionage.

Operation No Sanctuary

A gang war erupts in East LA between neighborhood gangs and the notorious MS-13 gang from San Salvador and a Mexican cartel from Tijuana is right in the middle of the conflict. CIA Agent Jonathon Stone is assigned the operation. He joins a crime task force to try to stop the violence and capture the cartel leaders. Along with FBI Agent Jodi Shannon, he pursues the elusive Raul Romero, the cartel kingpin who he has been after for a decade.

Drug trafficking, gang shootings and politics all play a role as Jonathon battles the sanctuary city LA which seems to protect the innocent and the guilty.

Maizie Albright Star Detective holiday omnibus

By best selling author Larissa Reinhart
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The Edge of Revolt
(The David Chronicles Book 3)
Kindle Edition

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Uvi Poznansky, comes a riveting historical fiction novel with a modern twist:

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The last thing David expects is that his beloved son will topple him from the throne. The betrayal threatens not only his life but also his legacy. Coming back to power will put Absalom in danger. Is David ready to counter his next move?

For now, he remains silent, even as Amnon rapes Tamar, even as Absalom lures Amnon to his death. In families other than his, such crimes may be concealed. But when they occur in the king’s family, they affect matters of the state and force him to escape. Will he finds a way to quell the revolt and come back to the City of David?

This is a standalone novel as well as volume III of the trilogy The David Chronicles, told candidly by the king himself. David uses modern language, indicating that this is no fairytale. Rather, it is a story that is happening here and now. If you like ancient historical fiction about court intrigue, this king David novel has a modern twist like no book you have read before.


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