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Hi, folks,

First of all, thanks to everyone who sent me kind notes about my lipedema diagnosis. Y’all rock! And trust me, I wasn’t all that brave to share it—if I’d really been brave I’d have shown you what my legs look like now, but I just couldn’t bear to do that. Maybe one day. . .

On another subject, I’m thoroughly enjoying the slightly cooler weather we’re having. Did you know that the Brits (waving to my British fans) don’t ever call this season “fall”? They only call it “autumn,” and the minute they see “fall” used for “autumn,” they know the speaker/writer is an American. I’m pretty good about always using “autumn” in my books, but I’m sure I slip up in numerous other ways. As George Bernard Shaw famously said, “England and America are two countries divided by a common language.” And you never know—that subject might come up when I’m talking with wonderful British writer Virginia Heath in a few weeks at the virtual event being thrown at East City Bookshop. We’ll be discussing upcoming releases and just generally having a good time. Virginia always makes me laugh, so it should be loads of fun.

Happy Autumn to all of you!


Autumn Fun to Winter Reads

While some are picking the perfect pumpkin and planning Halloween costumes, some of us readers are stocking our e-readers and bookshelves with romantic Yuletide stories! Here’s A Perfect Match for your holiday reading needs… In this romantic short, Cassandra Isles is whisked away from a wintry ball by a commanding colonel, Lord Heywood (Sheridan’s brother in the Duke Dynasty series). He is a second son who must marry for money—and Cass is an heiress who will accept nothing less than love . . . For the first time, readers can download the standalone story in e-book format for only $3.99.

A Perfect Match



For the collectors…
Many of you have read this holiday classic romance, and now it’s getting a stunning new cover! In ‘Twas the Night After Christmas, subterfuge starts a yuletide romance in this spirited tale. Read more here, and pre-order this new edition, which arrives on bookstore shelves November 7!

Twas the Night After Christmas

Order from your favorite bookseller, and read an excerpt and reviews here.

Just for fun, I’ve included the previous cover versions for this book. Which one is your favorite?

Twas the Night After Christmas

Regency Tidbit

When I think of autumn and the Regency, I think of harvest fairs and harvest balls, brisk October winds, and lots of apples. But did you know that bobbing for apples was another of those romantic games where future romance was predicted? I didn’t, until I read this entertaining and thorough article about the origins of Halloween. Apparently, one variation was played the same way as it is now, except that names were carved into the apples so that whichever name was on the apple you seized was that of your future true love. Fortunately, the variation called “Snap-apple,” where a player had to seize the apple while it swung around on a pole with a burning candle at the other end of the pole, died out, or we’d not be enjoying trying to grab those apples quite so much!

Regency Tidbit graphic

Exclusive Book Giveaway for YOU!

This story brings mystery and drama to the Restoration Era! Stepping outside of the Regency era, I wrote this novel under a pseudonym in 1994. My publisher re-released a reworked version years later and published it under my Sabrina Jeffries name. Enter to win this perfect-for-spooky-season read by filling out this form by October 15, 2023.

Exclusive Giveaway

Congratulations to Lysette L. from Moorpark, CA, for winning September’s giveaway of an autographed copy of What Happens in the Ballroom!

More chances to win!

Looking for a bit of intrigue to add to your romance reading? Meet Dominick Manton, the disinherited younger son of a viscount, who refuses to let his lot in life ruin his future success. Instead, he opens Manton Investigations, specializing in finding missing persons, and employs his illegitimate half-sister, Lisette Bonnaud and their other illegitimate sibling, Tristan Bonnaud. The secrets they uncover will rock a dukedom and alter their own futures until the agency becomes, by popular acclaim… The Duke’s Men. Fill out the form on my website for a chance to win these special edition, large print, hardcover copies of the entire series, and get ready to spend your nights with The Duke's Men!

Fill out the form on my website to enter to win!


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