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Hi, everyone!

May I just say how thrilled I am that y’all are enjoying Undercover Duke, the finale of the Duke Dynasty series! Thanks to all of you, the book hit #42 on the USA Today list and stayed on the Publishers Weekly bestseller list for three weeks. For those of you who would like to see Juncker get his own story, your wish is my command! My Christmas novella, “When We Finally Kiss Good-Night” in A Yuletide Kiss is his story, and that closes out the Duke Dynasty series. Meanwhile, I’ve started writing my new series. The first book comes out May 25, 2022. But before that, my old publisher, Pocket, is reissuing the Hellions series, so if you missed that series in print, now’s your chance to get it. The first book, The Truth about Lord Stoneville, will be out December 28th. It’s actually already up on Amazon if you want to check out the new cover.

Thank you, everyone, for buying, reading, and reviewing my books, particularly my latest. Here’s hoping that this summer affords you many hours to read!


One Last Hurrah for The Duke Dynasty Series

After the success of last year’s Seduction on a Snowy Night holiday anthology with Madeline Hunter and Mary Jo Putney, our publisher asked us if we’d like to write another seasonal book for readers this year. Of course we couldn’t refuse! So we’ve reunited in A Yuletide Kiss (on sale September 28, 2021), a collection of three holiday romances in which stranded travelers find merriment, mistletoe, and holiday romance at a quaint country inn.

Since so many readers asked about Juncker after he appeared as a secondary character in two of my Duke Dynasty books, I decided to make him the hero of my anthology novella. Here’s a little more about my story, “When We Finally Kiss Good-Night.”

When Flora Younger first met Konrad Juncker, she thought she’d found her match, only to have her hopes dashed. Konrad is now a famous playwright whose plays Flora has secretly panned in reviews. But a chance meeting in a secluded inn may help them rewrite this star-crossed romance…
A Yuletide Kiss


Regency Tidbit

My favorite part about doing research is stumbling over real stories of people. We tend to have misconceptions about the past: Everyone married only once and died young is a popular one. The last part in particular isn’t true, because the data used to determine life expectancy factors in all the many children who died of illnesses that we now vaccinate for—polio, smallpox, measles, mumps, rubella, etc. Here’s a case in point. The Duke of Leinster and his wife, one of the famous Lennox sisters, Emily, had 19 children. Of them, only 10 survived to adulthood. One died on the day of her birth although I couldn’t discover if she was stillborn. The last child was actually Emily’s illegitimate son by William Ogilvie, the tutor to her eldest son, although her duke husband claimed him. After her husband’s death, she married Ogilvie and had 3 more children, only two of whom survived to adulthood. She lived to the ripe old age of 82 and he died at 91. He was 18 years younger than she, but they lived happily together for 40 years. She must have been one amazing woman, and he must have been an amazing man. The woman bore 22 children in all. How incredible is that?

Regency Tidbit

Happy 4th of July!

I know many of you are international readers, so bear with us rowdy colonials as we gather together to barbecue, pop firecrackers, and celebrate the independence of our country.
4th of July

July Contest

What’s a Regency woman to do when even the best constructed fan can’t fight the oppressive London heat? Dream of the winter holiday season and declare it Christmas in July! Enter to win these Elizabeth Bennett and Darcy ornaments plus two holiday anthologies—Snowy Night with a Stranger and Seduction on a Snowy Night. Enter to win!


Enter to Win!
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