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At last!
The 1st book in my Paranormal Mystery series is up on Amazon Kindle

Hiding in Plain Sight
A Frankie Gates Paranormal Mystery, Book #1
by RP Dahlke
$2.99 regular price
Or get it FREE with Kindle Unlimited

All Mai-Lin Song ever wanted was to be free of her cruel husband … well, that and to be young again … and pretty. The kind of beauty that turned heads as she walked down the street. And for a price, her fortune teller had just the thing to make her dreams come true. All she needs to do is swallow the potion and all her dreams will come true … except there’s an unexpected hitch in the plan…she's now a beauty, alright, but she's also a dog. And now she's hiding under the bed of her 5th-floor apartment, watching the devil slide a finger under the door. Her Catholic upbringing scoffs at the superstitious nonsense―the finger is smoke and it has nothing to do with the devil and everything to do with the man who wants her dead.

Get your copy now on Amazon

New Release by Sam Cheever
A Bounce Before I Die

A Rollicking Paranormal Women's Fiction Adventure
(Midlife Muddle Book 2)

"This is such a great series! The storylines are so imaginative and entertaining. The characters are unique and interesting. The descriptive writing style makes you feel as though you are in the midst of the action right along with Rae, Justice and the rest of the gang and can visualize what they see and feel. This book was entertaining from the first page to the last!" - Booksprout reviewer

Villains, Annoying Assistants, and Monsters…Oh My!

My best friend had nothing to do with bouncing or monsters until something went terribly wrong in my new job.

I just hope Molly will forgive me for bringing her assistant Rog along on the rescue mission. The man has taken annoying to levels heretofore unknown. Believe me, I’ve tried to shake him. But he’s like a giant octopus with a thousand tentacles. He insists he needs to go with me on the rescue. Unfortunately, the man has even less sense than he has magic. And he has zero magic. Something tells me this is going to go badly.

Available on Amazon

Murder in Las Vegas
$4.99, new release as of 12/30
By Best Selling author Dianne Harman

When a bride falls to her death from the 17th floor of a Las Vegas honeymoon suite, the police quickly determine that she’s been murdered.

The groom is downstairs in the bar drinking with his Army Ranger friends, but there’s fifteen minutes he can’t account for where he was.

Now on Amazon

Tales to Count On
By S.R. Mallery

#SALE 99¢ and FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Also on Audible

Curl up and enter the eclectic world of S. R. Mallery, where sad meets bizarre and deception meets humor; where history meets revenge and magic meets gothic.
An Unforgettable Collection

Whether it’s 500 words or 5,000, these TALES TO COUNT ON, which include a battered women’s shelter, childhood memories, Venetian love, magic photographs, PTSD, sisters’ tricks, WWII spies, the French Revolution, evil vaudevillians, and celebrity woes, will remind you that in the end, nothing is ever what it seems.


A New release on a new cozy series
by best selling author, Tanya R. Taylor

Red Velvet & Murder
Now only 99¢ until February
Or get it FREE with KU

An elderly couple were found dead in their living room, leaving their cat, Ralphy, to fend for himself. It appears to be a murder-suicide and the wife's actions in the days leading up to their demise were rather suspicious.

Is the death of Ralph and Janet Shelby as cut and dry as it seems? Or will Barbara Sandosa uncover something that no one would have ever suspected about her warm and loving neighbors?

Get ready for book two in this exciting new cozy mystery series.

Pre-order your copy for 99¢!

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RP Dahlke
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