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Hi, everyone!

Guess what! I’m recovering from my total knee replacement surgery! Yes, I FINALLY had one. My new knee doctor had a cancellation, so his office called to ask if I wanted knee surgery on January 19th. I said yes, of course. Recovery is slow, but I’m already walking without assistance, so I’m thrilled.

In book news, I thought y’all would like to know that I based Verity’s ability to recognize Rafe in all his disguises on my own experience from first meeting my husband! As many of y’all know, I first met Rene on Mardi Gras. Costumed as a jester, he’d covered his face in white theatrical paint. What you may not know is that I saw him a week later in the parking garage of the Pere Marquette building, which housed both his optometrist and my dentist. He got out of his car at the same time I left mine, and I thought, “Wait, isn’t that the guy I met on Mardi Gras?” The shape of his face and body, his height, even the way he walked, all told me it was him.

We even got onto the same elevator. I was sure it was him, but was afraid to greet him in case I was wrong. When I smiled at him and he smiled back but didn’t say anything, I didn’t know how to take it. A week later he called to invite me to dinner, and I asked if he’d been in the Pere Marquette Building. He was astonished. He hadn’t recognized me at all (and I had NOT worn theatrical makeup for Mardi Gras). Turns out, my husband is face-blind (that’s a story for another day). Meanwhile, I am very good with faces.

When Verity says she’s good with faces and recognized Rafe because they were meant for each other, I was paying tribute to my own marriage. I mean, what are the odds I would run into the same guy I met randomly on the street in New Orleans a mere week later? I’ve always felt it was Fate. We were meant to be together. What can I say? Sometimes Fate has a hand in relationships.

May Fate be on your side this month!

What They’re Saying About Accidentally His: Another Perspective

I’ve been gratified by the wonderful responses I’ve been getting from readers and reviewers alike, but this review from the esteemed American Library Association’s Booklist really added some pep in my step . . .

Accidentally His - Booklist

Read an excerpt and find out more about Accidentally His on my website.

$1.99 eBook Sale Ends Sunday!

This cat and mouse game of mutual seduction can be yours for only $1.99! Never Seduce A Scoundrel, first in my School for Heiresses series, is on sale in ebook format through March 3. This is arguably one of my most popular series with readers. And it’s got an American hero! But the sale ends in a few days, so grab your copy now!

Ebook Sale!


Regency Tidbit

Rafe’s unit, the Corps of Mounted Guides, really was at the center of spying during the Peninsular War. It was headed up by George Scovell, now famous for having broken the Great Paris Cipher used by all the French to communicate sensitive military information during that war. Like Rafe, Scovell was fluent in several languages. His men, often called Exploring Officers, included Andrew Leith-Hay and Colquhoun Grant, who did reconnaissance and other spying for Wellington. There’s a nice summary of their spying efforts here, but they also appear in books on spying in the Peninsular War like Wellington’s Spies by Mary McGrigor. I do love a good spy, don’t you!

Regency Tidbit graphic

Exclusive Subscriber Giveaway

Ring in Spring with two tempting rogues! Enter this subscribers-only giveaway for a chance to win two autographed “rogue” books from my backlist— Let Sleeping Rogues Lie and When the Rogue Returns. Fill out this entry form by Friday, March 15. I’ll announce the winner in the next newsletter.

For even more great giveaways, check out the contest page on my website!

Congratulations to Stephanie H. from Dayton, OH, for winning February’s giveaway of two autographed books—Married to the Viscount and Who Wants to Marry a Duke.


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