Like Janet Evanovich? Sue Grafton? You’ll love this mystery series! If you would like to read this letter in your browser you can read it online by clicking here.

Boxed set: The Dead Red Mystery series books 1-2-3
by RP Dahlke

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*Like Janet Evanovich? Sue Grafton? You’ll love this mystery series!

A DEAD RED CADILLAC: Deeply buried and deadly secrets resurface with a drowned Cadillac.

A DEAD RED HEART: What if your beating heart is the reason someone wants you dead?

A DEAD RED OLEANDER: What if quitting your boring job puts you in line for murder?

What Readers are saying:
“It's safe to say, if you like Janet Evanovich, you'll love R.P. Dahlke. It's the same breezy, quick action style, with unforgettable characters and a strong, female lead. Only I personally think Lalla Bains has a little more going for her than Stephanie Plum.” - Allene, Amazon review, verified purchase

“If Lalla pulls into your town in her vintage cherry red Cadillac, get ready for a lot of excitement. This is the second book in the series but it is not necessary to read the books in order. I look forward to reading more books by R. P. Dahlke.” - Patricia E. Reid, bookbrowsing reviewer

“The plot moves at a rattling pace, full of twists and turns, with plenty of excitement and energy. This all comes across in the lively narrative, which despite the underlying humour, is very perceptive and seeds the idea in the readers minds, about some very serious and controversial issues including; organ donation, homelessness, and PTSD.” - Sharon Walker, Amazon review, verified purchase

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Holly & the Cyberbully
by Dianne Harman (a YA novel)

New Release!

If students are afraid to look at their phones when they receive a text message, it means one thing. There’s a cyberbully on the loose.

All of us well remember the angst that goes with being a teenager. That’s enough for anyone, but throw in cyberbullying, and it adds a new layer of difficulty in dealing with the teenage years.

This book is about bullying issues that your child, your grandchild, or even you may have had to deal with when you were a teenager, only on a very modern level. It’s a book for the young and the young-at-heart, written by USA Today Bestselling Author, Dianne Harmon.

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Pawsibly Guilty
The Secret Library Cozy Mysteries by Best Seller CeeCee James

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A secret book club. A celebrity murder. And a boss that hates books… From whispers of espionage to the motive of a spurned lover, the book club collective isn’t sure which way is up. Even worse, time is running out as the killer makes them the next target. Someone doesn’t want to be found out and is willing to do anything to keep their secret

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Okay, $2.99 but that’s for 12 books!

RP Dahlke and the following BEST selling authors: Amy Vansant, Joanna Campbell Slan, Summer Prescott, CeeCee James, Tonya Kappes, Julie Smith, Kim Hunt Harris, Larissa Reinhart, Chelsea Thomas, Debra Burroughs, Dianne Harman.

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