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Hi, everybody,

What are you thankful for? I’m thankful that I finally finished A Duke for Diana! Toward the end, I had stuff piled up all over the house, and stuff in my office waiting for me to organize. I actually wrote practically every waking moment just to get it done when I did. It comes out May 31, 2022.

We’ll just hope that none of the things that have been happening to me and my family reoccur next year while I’m trying to write An Earl for Eliza! Among other things while writing Diana’s book, I threw my back out, which I have never done in my life. I had to return to wearing the back brace I bought when I started having trouble with sciatica. Suddenly, the brace I hadn’t used in a few years became essential again. Ah, the joys of writing for long hours. But I will say that the end was very emotional for me, and I’m very proud of this book. Even if it nearly killed me toward the end!

Anyway, I do hope all of you have a safe and enjoyable holiday season, whichever holidays you observe. Now I’m off to get my Moderna booster shot!


Binge-Worthy Series for the Bountiful Season

Does the Thanksgiving break give you a few extra days to read this month? If so, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to binge-read (or re-read!) a Regency romance series. Here’s a quick reference guide to choose a series that will keep you all booked up for the holidays.

If you love delicious dukes, read…

For discerning readers looking for proven bestsellers, try…

Is mystery and intrigue (with plenty of romance) something you enjoy? You’ll like…

For those who like to keep it in the family, meet the Stoneville siblings in…

Are you a sucker for a BIG reveal? You won’t be able to stop talking about…

Still haven’t found your perfect fit? Meet three of Prinny’s bastards—half-brothers—in The Royal Brotherhood, let the Swanlea Spinsters charm you with their wit and wisdom, or set sail with the Lord Trilogy because PIRATES!  

Regency Tidbit

Did you know how fashion dolls began? They go back to the 14th century, but were mainly popular in the 18th and early 19th centuries as a way for dressmakers and tailors to demonstrate their fashions to their customers. Dolls could be used to demonstrate a new fashion in various fabrics or to show how variations on a particular fashion could work. They could also show what the latest fashions were in France . . . at least until Napoleon banned them during the Napoleonic Wars. He was afraid they’d be used to send secret messages to his enemies in England! They were still used a while longer in England, but eventually fell out of favor when fashion magazines became popular. But if you want to see an antique one, just check out this doll with a whole trousseau from 1810.
Regency Tidbit

November Contest

One lucky winner will be the talk of the ton when they receive this very merry Regency prize package featuring a Buckingham Palace teacup and teapot ornament set. Despite the busy holiday season, the winner will have time to read a romance while multi-tasking other to-dos with the help of an audiobook version of ‘Twas the Night After Christmas. Enter to win!
Enter to Win!
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